Algorithmic Rewards

The crypto well that never runs dry.

Crowdsourcing as a Service

The Hugs Platform is in essence a Decentralised Crowdsourcing as a Service (DeCaaS) solution. Much like in traditional crowdsourcing, businesses can still start a crowdsourcing campaign, select partners, choose an app or a platform, and finally use the crowd to perform certain tasks.

But thanks to the decentralised character of the Hugs Platform, individual users (or groups of users) can now choose to build their own crowdsourcing dApps or create a campaign on an existing dApp. Similar to DAOs (Decentralised Autonomous Organisations) this allows users to launch initiatives and perform the work first and monetise on it at a later point in time.

Automated Airdrops

Once a user contributed to a crowdsourcing initiative, the quality of such contribution is checked by both algorithms and other users participating in the same campaign. At Hugs, we firmly believe that each accepted contribution is valuable and should be rewarded.

We therefore created the Hugs Reward Pool, an algorithmic and automated airdrop system. Every month the Reward Pool distributes some $HUGS tokens to every Contributor and Reviewer who added value to the ecosystem of dApps and campaigns within the Hugs network.  

By distributing a fixed percentage of the Reward Pool every month (currently 5% during Beta) and pouring part of the Hugs Platform fees back into the Reward Pool on a daily basis, there's no need to mint or burn tokens, making this airdrop system a crypto well that never runs dry.